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Top 5 Luxurious Hotels in Kazakhstan

Travelling is one of the most fun and most waited activities to relax our day from the routine activity. Some of us prefer to travel around the world to see the various cultures and the rest of us just prefer to travel around the lovely country. If you like to travel across country, you do know first about the destination city you want to travel off. Well, every city or country has its different rules and regulations, as well as culture, so you should ensure that http://www.citibet88.biz know exactly what you should dos and don’ts in your destination city. It is also to ensure you can get nice memory when you are travelling.

Travelling around the world will be the best options for you to know and respect more about the diversity. While you are choosing up where the city you want to travel, you can choose the ninth biggest country in the world which is Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a country in the middle of Eurasia and has the official name of country is Republic of Kazakhstan. The capital city of Kazakhstan is Astana from 1998 until now because in the past the capital city of this country was Almaty.

Well, if you want to travel to Kazakhstan, you can freely choose what kind of lodge you want to pick. If you backpacker one, you can choose the lodge with the low price, but if you want to stay in five stars hotel, here are the list of top 5 luxurious hotels you can choose based on your interest. They are:

Almaty Hyatt Regency

Rahat Palace or Almaty Hyatt Regency.

It is the top of luxurious 5 star hotels which you can choose to stay in this country. This hotel is the first 5 star luxury hotel with western style in Kazakhstan. You can see the building of this hotel look so different and interesting than the others as well as this hotel has perfect services which can make you feel so comfort while staying there.

Intercontinental Hotel Lounge and Bar

Regent Ankara Hotel or Intercontinental Hotel.

This hotel has the best views to enjoy the Tian Shan mountains view. It is located in across of presidential palace. Many international events take place in this hotel like the Annual Eurasian Media Forum.

Rixos Almaty Hotel

Rixos Almaty Hotel.

This hotel also has fitness centers, SPA center, swimming pool, disco bar, restaurants, and shopping mall. If you want to provide the event with over 1,000 participants, this hotel will be the best options for you.

Royal Tulip Hotel

Royal Tulip Hotel.

This hotel is the newest of luxury hotels in Kazakhstan. It is placed on the main avenues of Almaty – Dostyk Avenue with very magnificent mountain views as the background of this hotel. This hotel also is very accessible with the http://www.bengkelbola.net public transportation like a bus that will bring you to the mountains or to down the city center in front of this hotel.
Radisson SAS Hotel. It is the highest skating rink in this world and ski resort Chimbulak inside the national park.


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